Danube Competence Center

On completion of the project, the Danube Competence Center ( DCC ) will be the host of EcoVelo Tour program. DCC, based in Belgrade, is a Danube focused association of tourism actors for a sustainable and competitive destination Danube. The association’s main task is to build and support networks of tourism stakeholders by enhancing transnational cooperation through various tourism development and promotional activities while implementing and promoting a unique tourism brand for a competitive European Danube region.

As an association of members from the public, private and non-governmental sectors of 10 Danube related countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine), the DCC contributes to the development of a sustainable tourism sector in the entire Danube region by initiating and implementing relevant projects, building the capacities of the tourism stakeholders and defining and promoting high-quality standards of tourism services and products.

In perusing these objectives, the DCC works within three core functions:

  1. Advocacy for the Danube destination (Lobbying): Contribute to positioning the cross-border Danube destination’s needs and concerns higher on EU, national and regional agendas and to enhance the DCC’s membership, client communication and management.
  2. Marketing and promotion: Create platforms and opportunities for collaborative marketing and promotion strategies – image, products and services.
  3. Product development: Initiate and support members’ individual product and project development as well as initialising the DCC’s own products – both of the highest quality.

After ending the project, the developed EcoVeloTour platform should serve as an information hub for the ecotourism along the long distance EuroVelo cycling routes in the Danube region.

The platform is going to be used to present the relevant transnational tools and specific information about the EcoVeloTour project and will also introduce the EcoVeloTour brand. This will distinguish the ecotourism destinations developed along with the integration of the ecosystem services EcoVeloTour methodology. The platform is also going to be used to host the e-learning modules that are result of the learning interaction meetings.

With the help of all the project partners, the Danube Competence Center is going to coordinate the regular content upload and updating which might include adding the new routes, publishing news about already uploaded routes and also keeping the provided information up to date.