The Project

Dear Cyclists !

Welcome to the EcoVeloTour project - Fostering enhanced ecotourism planning along the Eurovelo cycle route network in the Danube region EcoVeloTour facilitates the development of sustainable tourism in the Danube region along EuroVelo routes via enhanced, conscious and ecologically sound framework of tourism destination management and extending cyclist tourism, unfolding neighbouring regions beyond the EuroVelo route.

The framework incorporates the concept of ecosystem services applied in the cyclist tourism planning of a region aiming at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the regions. We support cyclist ecotourism planning by creating novel guidelines, conduct a comprehensive market research in the region and put into practice the novel approach in pilot regions creating strategies with extensive stakeholder involvement. The project experience will enrich our final project results and support higher decision-maker level with policy recommendation. The project will practice active reach out to the various target group members, pass on the knowledge via workshops, conferences, or even online in e-learning format.

The project is running in 7 countries with 10 partners and 6 strategic partners.

The lead partner of the project is the City of Budapest, District 14 Zugló Municipality. Associated strategic partners:

  • Hungarian Cycling Alliance (HU)
  • Marketing Association German Danube (DE)
  • Ministry of Tourism (BG)
  • Prešov Bicycle Group Boneshaker (SK)
  • Ministry of Tourism (RO) • Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic (SK) About the project in brief