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Rákos creek

Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Bird ringing tutorial for children

The 15th of February was a delightful day when the Hungarian Ornithological Association held a bird ringing tutorial on the fields of Felsőrákos. The event was accompanied by the representatives of the Hungarian team of EcoVeloTour from Corvinus University of Budapest. Their goal was to get some insight from the regular visitor of the river Rákos on the current condition and their preferred improvements of the area. During the bird ringing the children were drawing pictures of their own adventures from the surrounding area of the river Rákos, meanwhile the adults were partaking in an association game with the EcoVeloTour team. Alongside gathering information, their other objective was to promote their Facebook page, which serves as the communicational medium between the EcoVeloTour team and everyone interested.