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Successful final conference organised by EcoVeloTour project

Thursday, September 30, 2021
Successful final conference organised by EcoVeloTour project on the 23th September, 2021.

How to develop and maintain successful sustainable tourism projects in Central Europe? The EcoVeloTour project’s final conference tried to answer this question. Ms Rebeka Szabo (Vice-Mayor of Zugló Municipality) kicked-off the event with the summary of the achievements of the Lead Partner Zugló and its role in the project. Mr Viktor Merker (Project Manager of EVT) presented the EcoVeloTour project, its goals and experiences during the last 3 years.

EcoVelo transnational market research has been presented by Mr Josef Harasser from University of Passau. Ms Vera /Kiss Corvinus University of Budapest/ spoke about the policy recommendations they developed, concentrating on how to lobby for the ecotourism in the countries of the Danube Region.

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Ms Fruzsina Toth /MAFORM creative ageny/ was proudly showing the new brand identity of the project. The project developed two different guidelines: the one for the sustainable mobility planning or even the novel ecotourism planning and the eco system services based ecoturism strategies. Short movies gave a brief insight to the cities, regions and their investments during this project. Therefore we had a small tour through Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia and Hungary.